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The constant hostility towards PORNO? Actually it is quite clear who our enemies are,  the Iphone owners. Radical Protestant Church followers of the worst kind, moral apostles, anti-abortion opponents and advocates of censorship. All the bad crowd. That one should have been said. The devil personified in Steve Jobs , a false Messiah who will distract us from the faith. Go back and repent. Universal Serial Bus logo clearly the sign of Satan. The conection to Hell, also called Firewire. “The symbol of USB is a trident. This is used to torture the souls that go to hell. The use of the symbol means that all users of this technology are “Teufelsanbeter”. Look, the USB the human-machine interface. We must abandon the idea of private data on the Internet, says Julia Schramm. Privacy is something of Eighties. (laughs) so we want a discussion on Post-Privacy (Hell = Living in a world dominated by machines). And it was not the apple of temptation, which the people had driven from paradise. Was it? , Steve Jobs. And A virtual world is it not sin against God. Wake up, before it is too late.

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